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Life Coach Ryan Raven

Mr. Raven brings over 18 years of professional experience from a well-balanced background of sales, marketing, advertising, elected and promoted leadership, business development and management.


Coach Raven’s view that an organization's structure must have each separate piece working in unison in order to reach its full potential has helped manifest his clients' vision of their branding strategy and sales results. With each result attained, he keeps pushing the bar higher and higher for the benefit of his clients and his team's future.


Leading, coaching, and organizing people are what Mr. Raven does best. His history of team leadership and individual success has earned numerous accolades on local and national levels. His method of motivating his people through empowerment with a unified vision consistently inspires those to perform at their best and well beyond the status quo.


Ryan excels at keeping an open line of communication, is highly organized, demonstrates constant enthusiasm and is proactive to clear any hurdle that may arise, either during a launch or while adapting a program after years of execution.


He leads with a humble confidence and can adapt to an authoritative or servant-style leadership focus. He illustrates a disciplined work ethic and is a passionate leader resulting in sales and marketing achievements in highly competitive environments ranging from entrepreneurial start-ups to Fortune 500 companies and non-profits.


He is a creative, optimistic and big-picture strategic planner with solid execution and follow-up skills, which have led to trustworthy relationships resulting in new client obtainment, current client maintenance, quick adaptation to change and increased results.


Overall, Mr. Raven is the go-to leader known to take initiative who enjoys the challenge of working with diverse personalities to form partnerships to achieve goals in a collaborative teamwork environment.


Whether it’s a 1-1 development plan, a one-time motivational speech to hundreds, a struggling sales team or fraternal organization, Team Ryan Raven is the choice to make.

Mr. Raven’s qualifications include:

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